Public Displays of Affection’ block up hallways and annoy teachers

Makeout sessions disregard commom courtsey, going beyond acceptable limits and behavior

Zeta Handy, Staff Writer

So-called “Public Displays of Affection” sound almost cute; however, what we actually see in the halls around campus is anything but cute. Couples can often be seen in the halls in full make-out sessions that go well beyond the campus rules for PDA.

The school rule about PDA is students should “conduct themselves in a dignified manner at all times. Self-respect is questioned if students do not follow this rule. To preserve this dignity it is inappropriate for students to engage in kissing.”

And the “kissing” that is seen in the halls goes well beyond the G-Rated sounding term PDA. What is often seen would definitely fall under the R-Rated category, making a mockery of the rule. It could be better classified as hallway sex and some of you should consider “getting a room” instead of putting on a show for everyone.

Please be advised that while students are trying to get to class, everywhere you look couples can be sucking face. And last time I checked passing period is only five minutes, not 10 because the couples stop and suck face and then afterward talk for another five minutes as they slowly walk to class.

The thing I hate the most about PDA is that I’ll be walking in the hallway and the people in front of me make a dead stop to kiss.

I’m trying to get to class, but “no, let’s stop the whole crowd behind you.” Be respectful of others when it comes to making out. Don’t stop in the middle of the hallway and stop the hallway traffic.

Why would anyone assume that teachers and other students want to see that during passing period? We get it. You are together, you’re a cute couple, and you care for each other. But that doesn’t mean that anyone else wants to see such intimate relations in public. We don’t need to see you all over each other and there’s a time and place for that, and school is not it.

But it doesn’t stop there. Sometimes you even see PDA in classrooms. While the teacher is talking, those lucky enough to have their teenage love interest in the same classroom will try to get away with all kinds of inappropriate behavior. The couples will be all over each other to the point where the teacher has to physically separate them.

It’s bad to the point that there’s a school rule about it when it should be a common courtesy to avoid intimacy in public. But, the reality is that we also have common courtesy that corresponds with life and the rules that we have to follow in this society.

I am not asking that students stop being affectionate toward each other in public completely. I’m just looking for some basic common courtesy and social/spacial awareness. So remember next time before you kiss, please keep it PG and out of the way.