Celebrities with enormous followings get away with moral wrongs

‘It’s just a joke’ reasoning used to dodge consequences; fame used to get out of punishment

Jennifer Espinoza, Opinions Editor

Celebrities alway seem to have it better than “normal people.” They drive better cars, they have bigger houses and they wear nicer clothes. Or so it seems.

Another aspect of celebrity culture is that famous people seem to have a “get out of trouble, free card” that allows their bad behavior to be forgiven.

Normal people who do not have a million followers or a whole house of money can often receive harsher treatment and more brutal consequences than a celebrity for the exact same crime or bad behavior.

YouTube star Logan Paul is the latest example of a celebrity who takes advantage of their fame to do horrible things and try to play it off as a joke.

He has a history of producing content that sparked controversy, such as posting a picture of a dead man in the Suicide Forest in Japan.

The only punishment he has ever received is having his TV shows temporarily on hold or completely shut down.

But if a normal person would have done anything remotely close to what Logan Paul, did then the consequences would have been different.

A normal person would have received major hate from the Internet, threats from all platforms, fired from their jobs and even receive jail time if someone non famous would have done the same as Logan Paul.

Not only do these celebrities receive special treatment when it comes to punishments, they also pass it off as something as a joke or not harmful.

Comedians are usually the main culprits for making jokes that either come out as to offensive when they say it wasn’t meant to be hurtful.

It seems though that the audience tend to believe that their favorite star didn’t mean to o end anybody and forgive them easily when they apologize online.

Yet when a normal person makes these types of jokes they get red from their jobs, they receive hate from the real world and in social media, their family and friends get harassed and they find it extremely hard to find work after their public shaming.

An example would be Justine Sacco, who back in 2013 was publicly shamed on social media because of her tweet involving her trip to Africa. She had thought her tweet would be considered funny but as her plane landed she realized that the joke she made caused major hatred.

She was then red from her job, received an ugly conversation from her mother, and struggled to find another job. If a celebrity had done this, they would likely publicly apologize and maybe get a show canceled.

However, they would likely have fan support from one way or another and all would be forgiven.

These celebrities would then continue with their lives and in some cases would even become more famous for it.

There appears to be more tolerance when it comes to famous people because of the fact that they are being watched by millions of people and they would often use it as an excuse to make right of their wrong.

They seem to be under pressure of making a wrong move that can insult someone, somewhere but a normal person also have eyes on them and they can’t use that same excuse because people will not except it.

At the end of the day when a person does something wrong they should be corrected and receive fair judgment as any other person should.

A big example for having a bad attitude but still gets rewarded would be Danielle Bregoli, mostly known as the “Cash me outside girl.”

Since her first appearance in the Dr. Phil’s show she was made as joke because of her famous slogan but what she also known for is her bad attitude towards everyone who despises her.

She know has a record deal and is a millionaire due to her using her famous catchphrase as a way to promote herself.

Money is a big factor of course, getting the best lawyers money can buy can help reduce the amount of what they lose. Normal people don’t have that kind of luxury.

The hard truth is that famous people will always have a pass whenever they do something wrong because they have more resources, money, and even loyal fans that help them get out of any situation.