Students should be in control of their own FIT schedules

Editorial Board, Staff

If students have learned anything this year, it is that every action has its own reaction. When students were chronically late to class, the administrators called tardy sweeps and sent students to Saturday School.

When a student threatened the school with harm, administrators tightened access to the building to have more control over who is coming and going the campus’ many entrances. And when students abused the Flexible Instructional Time period last year, administrators gave students a strict schedule which they were told they had to go to certain classes on certain days.

The tardy sweeps and the tightened security — while annoying to some students — have had generally positive results. However, The Eagle’s Eye editorial board believes this year’s change in the FIT schedule has been ineffective at best and counterproductive at worst.

Administrators said they changed the rules for FIT because some students last year were not using the online system for selecting FIT sessions or checking to see if they had been assigned by a teacher to attend their FIT session. Some students left campus, hid in the bathrooms or just went to their favorite teacher without even looking at the FIT portal.

Also, another issue that sprung up was that teachers would sometimes not create a FIT session for their students which lead to a lot of students getting in trouble for not attending a FIT session on time.

This problem was somewhat solved with the mandatory schedule FIT system because teachers didn’t have to make a FIT session. However, it still brought more problems such as students not being able to have regular daily access to get help from the teacher outside of regular class.

Teachers do care if their students pass their classes or not and the old FIT system let students who couldn’t come before or after school to get help, receive assignments that they missed because of an absence or finish a test.

However, none of the problems about FIT have been solved with the new mandatory weekly schedule, which forces students to go to each of their eight teachers at least once over a two-week period.

We at The Eagle’s Eye appreciate the effort of attempting to solve the problems with FIT to a more structured and organized version, but the fact is that the problems mentioned as the primary reasons for the change are still present today.

As students, we prefer to have a say in which FIT we should go to because it helps build responsibility.

We can’t guarantee that everyone will go to a truly flexible FIT session but if the system came back with an easier way to keep account of attendance and also have the cooperation with teachers who want to help their students pass then that would be a stronger and better choice than forcing students into a FIT classroom that they do not need.

We really hope that the new principal will at least consider this as an option because we know that if we try a flexible system could be beneficial for everyone and make things easier instead of the current one that restrains students from passing their classes because they cannot get the help they need on a timely basis.