Letters to the President and Vice President


Akins Student Body

The Eagle’s Eye asked the Akins community if they had any thoughts to share with the new presidential administration and these were some of the responses we received.

Hector Bueso (Junior)-

Hello President Joe,
Thank you and thank you to Kamala for winning. I hope that this year can be a year of changes and putting God first .I don’t know if you are religious or not but let me tell you how important it is to be thankful and how much we need God in our hearts. Let’s make a change to put God first in every step you take.
Take care and God bless you and your family have a nice day.


Nicholas Thompson (Sophomore)-

Dear Madam Vice President Kamala Harris,

I first off want to congratulate you on your win and for breaking down some social structures. You have set a historic event that will be remembered for all the years to come and have encouraged not only women but also minorities as well that this is possible. I hope that with you others will be inspired and follow in suit.
I do hope that you will represent all Americans and that you lead people to unity alongside The President. This nation needs good leaders and leaders that represent all communities in America and not just one community. I hope that you along with the President can work to unify all the communities as well as show the world what America is truly.
I hope that your leadership role will help re-establish our connection with our allies and that you may lead the senate to think for the people. I do hope that you will bring many changes that will hopefully benefit all Americans so that we may become a more United States of America.
I wish you the best of luck in all the challenges you may face for we are in trying times.


Shay Darroux-Edwards (Junior)-

Dear Kamala Harris,

I’m so glad that you have been elected and sworn in as the first female vice president!
Certainly one for the books! You are such an amazing role model and are making history by just simply existing!
We are so excited to see what you and Joe Biden have in store for America, you will do an amazing job!


Isabella Villarreal (Freshman)-

Dear Madam Vice President:

I would like to thank you for showing me that girls of color can make it to the White House.
Though I will never get the chance to do as you did it gives me hope that there are girls who can and who will aspire to one day be where you are. Thank you for becoming the voice that we needed after years of silence when we felt like no one heard us. I hope that this shows everyone how strong and intelligent women are and how we can persevere through anything. I know that the work is not done and there are many things to do such as provide healthcare for everyone and raise the minimum wage to the livable wage.
I also hope that we can bring justice for the families of people of color and let their voices be heard amongst the raging violence in the past years. I believe that you will show us that anything is possible and that we are powerful.
Thank you for your time.