How we can slow the spread of COVID-19

Hilary Lopez, Staff Writer

One of the common ways COVID spreads is when someone sneezes or coughs. Something that could be safer for it not to spread is to wear a mask at all times when you are with a big crowd of people.

Most people don’t usually wear them because they have the choice to wear them or not if they don’t want to. I personally think people should wear them for other people’s safety and even theirs.

You should stay 6 feet away from people at all times, clean your hands after anything you touched because most of the time things aren’t sanitize. Always avoid people who you now are sick even family and friends just for your safety. Covid is usually spread on surfaces that have been touched because that’s where most of the bacteria are picked up. The important thing to do is stay healthy and take care of yourself.

Many people ask why should they have to wear masks if it doesn’t prevent you from getting covid. Well, it does in fact help you from not coughing everywhere and spreading germs everywhere. When wearing a mask it has to cover your mouth and protect the travel germs from getting to you. Social distancing also requires you to wear a mask and keep 6 feet of distance between yourself and other people. If your using a reusable mask always make sure to wash them because they trap all the germs and bacteria left behind on the mask. When using disposable masks make sure to dispose of them properly and try to only use them once or twice before throwing them away.

As a student from Akins, I’ve witnessed a lot of people who wear their masks the wrong way. Some don’t even wear them most of the time, they usually only have it covering their mouth only and not their nose. We have a total of 36 cases of covid at Akins and I feel like the rate of cases can go down if we all as students and teachers start wearing their masks and social distancing. We all must do all the requirements we have to do in order to keep people from getting sick.