Bubble soccer tournament sends players bouncing down the field


Danny Arce

Two players roll out of control during the bubble soccer match on Thursday on the practice field. Players struggled to stay on their feet after hitting other players during the match.

Alejandra Arguello and Geovanny Vega

On the Thursday before Akins students were let loose for Spring Break, they rolled around school soccer field uncontrollably inside giant clear bubbles, attempting to score points.

In the first annual Bubble Soccer tournament, students organized into intramural teams with friends, putting on a show for the student body during 8th period for those who paid the $3 fee to attend. The sport combines the traditional soccer with the concept of bumper cars as players are encouraged to crash into each other as they are squeezed inside of an inflated clear bubble with only their legs hanging out.

Players often charged at each other knocking their opponents over, sending them rolling down the field.

“You want to hit people and score. Your main goal is to get everyone out of your path and to get the ball to your teammates,” freshman Jonathan Lyttle said.

Students and teachers alike played bubble soccer for more than an hour. Those who played said it was an unforgettable experience.

“Well it’s about fun. It feels good,” said a player for the Young Eagles, a group of freshmen football players. “We finally do something as a family. And we can all come together.”

While students had fun playing bubble soccer, the purpose of the competition was to raise money for athletics to buy new equipment for Akins athletes, said assistant athletic coordinator Amanda Thomas  

“I was very pleased with the turnout and we appreciate all the support from our student body,” Thomas said.

I was very pleased with the turnout and we appreciate all the support from our student body.”

— Coach Thomas

The tournament also helped students come together and improve the bond between students and school.

“The bubble soccer event also brings school spirit that we have lacked in past years,” said Thomas said. “Our students are finally starting to come together and bring school spirit to all Akins events.“

Because Bubble Soccer combines the finesse of soccer with the contact of football, the two sports seemed to be rivals during the event.

“I’m excited, but kinda scared though because there’s a lot of big dudes and we’re all tiny,” said Jeniffer Lopez, an Akins Varsity soccer player.  “I’m nervous because what if I get hit. You got some football players out there.”

However, Lopez expressed confidence in her Powderpuff Girls team being able to take down the coaches who participated in the match.

“We’re all defenders on the varsity soccer team so I feel like we will be able to hold them off a bit even though they’re big. We got this. And were going against the coaches first. We’ll get all those old people out.”
In the end, the tournament ended in a tie between Freshmen Beans and Soccer Eagles.

If you did not have a chance to play or did not have enough of hitting and scoring, please visit Austin Bubble soccer’s website to organize your own private event.