Varsity basketball team claws for second season win


Mika Fisher

Small forward Mikey Mounsif (left-middle) leaps with shooting guard Michael Robertson (right-middle) celebrating their win against Lake Travis

Barmey Chum, Sports Editor

On Feb. 2, the Eagles Varsity Basketball Team managed a momentous win against the Lake Travis Cavaliers.

Up until that point, the boys basketball team had experienced a series of lows for the Eagles with the team only winning one other district match-up this season.

Nonetheless, the Lake Travis Cavaliers were an intimidating opponent, having ranked second place at that point in district play. Akins is currently 7th in District with the current standing of 2 wins – 7 losses after the win against Lake Travis.

Players on the team said that they had to build up the right mindset before going up against their opponent.

Sophomore Caleb Hernandez, the Akins Eagles basketball team’s point guard, said, “Our mindset as a team going into the game was not to be scared and go out with confidence.”

Starting the game off the back end, Lake Travis led over Akins 12-4 in the first quarter.

“The game changer was when Michael Robertson hit a one and three pointer to make the four point play to put us ahead,” said Jonathan Callahan, who plays center for the Eagles team.

“It really boosted our energy and had us leading them going into the home stretch of the game.”

Lake Travis’ players depended on an offense where multiple screens were set for their taller players, also known as bigs.

Akins responded by switching and confronting the bigs and relied on backside help.

Akins suddenly managed a 39-40 score line during the fourth quarter. Friends and family in the bleachers were roaring and filled with anticipation.

Each and every one of Akins’ players contributed to the win. Most notably was Michael Robertson, who plays shooting guard and small forward, leading the team in scoring with 27 points 18 of those points being 6 three-pointers, with the rest of the team contributing their fair share, as well.

Small forward Michael Mounsif said the team came together to prevent Lake Travis from running over them on their home court.

“Our mindset was to not let those dudes come in our house and do what they want and for us to take care of business,” he said.

At the end of the game, Akins emerged victorious with a final score of 54 to 51.

“Beating Lake Travis was one of the best feelings of the year,” Callahan said. “We’ve had to deal with a lot of ups and downs this season and finally playing to our full potential as a team and beating the 2nd best team in the district felt like all the work was paying off.”

Contributed by Jake Copeland