Jaedyn Pesina breaks Akins’ 5K school record


Francisco Flores

Jaedyn Pesina leads the pack at the Chaparral meet on August 27th.

Julian Reyna , Staff Writer

In late August, Jaedyn Pesina destroyed the Akins Five Kilometer record. He ran this race at the time of 15:56.

At this race, he not only broke the school record but got third place out of over 150 people.  

Before this race Pesina wasn’t anticipating anything out of this race, in fact, this was the team’s official first race of the season.  

“When I first hit it, I was surprised, very surprised in myself. It feels good,” he said.

Head Cross Country Team Coach Francisco Flores said he was pleasantly surprised by Pesina’s record-setting time.

“I expected him to be fast but I had no idea he would be this fast,” Flores said. “He surprised me but seeing him in the workouts I’m not surprised he’s running this fast.”

Teammate Cesar Hernadez said that he didn’t expect the record so early in the season. 

“I expected him to break the record but not this early in the season. “ 

Pesina and his teammates worked on their craft all summer long. They would go out and run a lot of miles and the closer they got into the season the more speed training was worked in. 

Their routine consisted of waking up at six in the morning and having to get to practice by seven in the morning. During the practice is when they got their mileage in and closer to the season is when the speed workouts are implemented. 

“We ran lots of miles, we got into the routine of consistent training,” Flores said. “Now that the seasons going we’re doing workouts to make him smarter about his own running.” 

Pesina’s record has given the team a new challenge to overcome. Teammates have been working harder to be not only on his level but to be better. 

“You can’t really say you’re going to beat someone in a race but I will try my hardest to beat him, Anything can happen in a race,” Hernandez said.

Just recently Pesina went on to break his own school record with an official time of 15:48.87. 

He placed second out of 107 athletes at the Giddings Cross Country meet.