Holiday Showcase

Akins performance groups show off their talent during winter showcase event

Salix Fite (Jingles) dragging KC Perez (Sparkles) off the stage after found mysteriously murdered on stage.

The Akins theater department put on a student-made murder mystery show during the intermissions. The cast was made up of many memorable Christmas characters like Jack Frost, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Cindy Lou, Jack Skellington, Frosty The Snowman, and The Grinch.

Junior Davie Wood who played Santa Claus, said he enjoyed that the murder mystery show was a student-led production. He said that it was a hit among the cast and crew.

“They also really liked it. I think everyone both cast and crew was really happy with what we put on,” he said.

Senior Anya Sigler said theatre students had about two weeks to put together the whole show. Sigler, who also performed with the choir, said the singers had to change things up just before the show because they didn’t have enough performers.

“So we actually had one of our sopranos move into the Alto section,” she said. “So it was three altos and three Sopranos. And then we had one tenor and then two of our basses.”

Sophomore Janelle Ponti said they had to practice a lot to get things right.

“All I did was just practice at home because I knew that there was some stuff that I couldn’t do,” Ponti said. “So I had to practice at home but I also talked to Mr. Nieves to like, help me work on those things.”

Sophomore Jayden Medina, who plays trombone, said he was happy to play a jazz piece.

“Everyone loved it, and it was really fun,” he said.

Junior Veronica Diaz said that she was excited to finally dance off the field and onto a stage.

“Dancing on a field is more of a spur of a moment.” she said “ The Winter Fine Arts Showcase had a lot more dedication and technique to pull through, so for me, it was more rewarding”