Tencent makes successful adaption of Call of Duty for the mobile platform

Desmin Curry

Call of Duty Mobile is finally out after about a month of waiting, and so far, it’s not that bad.

The game had some troubles on day one like troubles logging in and getting stuck on preparing to update. Tencent Games, which is known for PUBG Mobile, adapted it for Activision.

Despite the initial hiccups, Tencent Games released a patch on the same day, fixing the servers and solving the problem.

The game has already reached 100 million downloads in just eight days. That is insane. So far the only two game modes are Battle Royale and Multiplayer. Eventually, they’ll add zombies, which is always a player favorite. 

I agree with game reviewer Matthew S. Smith of Digital Trends, who said the game “feels like a syringe of pure, refined, unfiltered Call of Duty stuck straight in your jugular.”

The developer did a great job of incorporating the best parts of Call of Duty into a mobile version.

The game looks clean and it’s masterful in its design. The weapon class system is similar to that of Modern Warfare weaponry. The battle royale mode isn’t that fun but people who play Black Ops 4 will probably enjoy it.

If there is any room for improvement, it’s in the control system, which is extremely confusing when you get started. 

One set of controls has your left thumb control movement and your right for aiming. The first set has it so whenever your reticle encounters an enemy it immediately fires for you but you still have to aim. This is cool and all but you still have to aim.  Just because you shoot first doesn’t mean you’ll win every fight. You also have to worry about damage, range, and accuracy, as well.

I think a better method of control is to use the “One-Tap ADS” in which the player presses the firing button. The game automatically aims down sights for you. I think this is better because it can help you improve your aim. It’s a little more advanced, but it pays off.

Oh boy, where to start about the microtransactions? Tencent Games are back at it again with the cosmetics and battle pass. They brought back COD Points from Black Ops 3. So far the weapon skins and character skins are just cosmetic and don’t give you an advantage over any players. The skins you can purchase are OK and the default skins couldn’t be less dull. The battle pass is like Fortnite’s battle pass, you can get skins and emotes and sprays. 

The only full-on character you get in this battle pass is Simon “Ghost” Riley, which is an extremely popular character from the Modern Warfare series. You can also be able to play as Terrance Brooks from Black Ops 1. Although I haven’t seen it yet, according to the Official Call of Duty site, you’ll also be able to play as Captain Price, David Mason, Alex Mason and Thomas Merrick.

Overall, the game is extremely fun to play and is definitely a game that you can play to pass time and have fun playing. The game is currently free to play on Android and iOS. It’s a really good mobile version of Call of Duty and you should try it out and see if you like the Call of Duty series.