Jedi Survivor expands the Star Wars galaxy

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is an action-adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment as the sequel to the 2019 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game. Many fans of Fallen Order were excited about the continuation of the story in a new game with expanded features and new gameplay mechanics.

Jedi Survivor was released on April 28th for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Windows. The game received positive reactions from fans with an improvement in gameplay and the story. However, many PC gamers and some console gamers have been experiencing frame drops and some crashes, especially the PC players with higher-end computers. Despite these problems, players have been happy with the game.

The story of Jedi Survivor is a continuation of the story from the first game. Cal Kestis makes his return as the protagonist of the story. In Jedi Survivor, Cal is trying to find a way to stop The Empire from growing more powerful and find a place to finally hide from the Empire. Cal will meet new allies to help accomplish his goals with some areas having temporary companions to help you out.

The gameplay is a “Dark Souls-like” experience with Meditation spots as players’ resting points, where players can regain health and change their skills and combat style. Thankfully, in Jedi Survivor Cal has kept all the skills he learned in Fallen Order, avoiding the gaming cliche in which playable characters lose their powers offscreen and have to relearn old skills. This makes the gameplay more dynamic in the early stages of the game than Fallen Order in which Cal has to slowly learn Jedi powers and combat skills. In Survivor, Cal is able to perform wall runs, use a grappling hook, and dual-wield lightsabers all before ending the first level of the game.

Despite the initial performance issues for some players, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor feels like a worthy sequel that doesn’t do too much in terms of ambition; however, Respawn Entertainment made quality-of-life changes, including three new lightsaber stances to further enhance the gameplay.

In Jedi Survivor, there are five stances you can choose from, Single-Bladed, Double-Bladed, Dual-Wield, Blaster, and Crossguard. Single-Bladed is your jack-of-all-trades stance. Double-Bladed is a mobile stance best suited for multiple enemies. Dual-Wield is a purely aggressive stance with an emphasis on melee combat focused on racking up combos. Blaster is a single-blade saber with a blaster to add range. Crossguard is the final stance, it is a heavy-hitting, pure-damage stance with slow but devastating attacks.

Overall, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a good game that expands on the ideas of Fallen Order while also providing new characters while bringing back some favorites from Fallen Order.

Players and spectators alike will enjoy the story even if they’re not playing the game while sitting back and watching Cal navigate through new worlds and environments. The character’s emotions really shine during their cutscenes which look almost as good as watching a Star Wars movie. Fans appreciate that the game adds to the Star Wars franchise and isn’t just trying to replicate a movie.