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Akins students pick best entertainment of the decade

January 30, 2020

In December, The Eagle’s Eye asked Akins students what their top picks were in entertainment. We list their picks and reasons here and added a few picks of our own that were the personal favorites of Sports Editor Diego Gutierrez that we consider runner-ups as best of the decade.

Akins students pick best entertainment of the decade

Akins students voted in an online poll on which were their favorite picks for movies, music, video games and TV shows of the 2010s and these were the items that received the most votes.


Toy Story 3

The students of Akins chose Toy Story 3 to be the best movie of the decade. Disney Pixar had finally released the third continuation in 2010 since the second movie that was released in 1999. is was a very big and enjoyable movie that was a part of most children’s lives back then. And there are teenagers and young adults that still re-watch this classic Pixar movie. This movie is also known as the best Toy Story movie out of the trilogy. (Photo by Disney Pixar)



The students of Akins chose Lemonade by Beyonce as the best album of the decade. This album was a fantastic body of music that was released without teasers and even had a one hour special on HBO. The album was a sign that Beyonce was finding her style and where her music fit best. This album contained empowering topics for black women and women in general. Therefore this album takes place as the best album of the generation. (Photo by Jungle Studios)

Video Games

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

The students of Akins chose Call Of Duty: Black Ops to be the best game of the decade. Students have expressed that the graphics were amazing. The multi-player aspect of the game is was made it enjoyable to play. This also leads to the amazing multi-player map that gamers loved as well. Overall this was highly played over the decade. And this version of the game is what made Call Of Duty so popular and big. (Photo by Raven Software)

TV Shows

Adventure Time

The students of Akins chose Adventure Time to be the best TV show of the generation. This is because children back then enjoyed the cute animations of the show. The characters were also a very unique aspect of the show. Students had explained that the show was entertaining because of the comedy. And the show was not only for young kids but also for older audiences too making it appealing and very memorable. (Photo by Cartoon Network)

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Best of the decade runner ups

The best of the decade runner ups were chosen by The Eagle’s Eye staff.


Spider-man into the Spider-verse

Spider-man into the Spider-verse is the second-best movie of the decade. It’s the best Animation and what sets it apart from the rest of Marvel’s catalog or is the way it tells the story of Miles Morales. I’ve ever seen a movie about a superhero who is a person of color.


American Teen

Khalid’s American Teen is the second-best album of the 2010s. Dropping in the spring of 2017, Khalid’s debut album perfectly captures what it’s like to live, love, and lose growing up. is an album is an ode to the teenage love story and the essence of what it means to be gen Z.

Video Games

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A thief’s End is easily the best in the franchise the fourth installment in Naughty Dog’s action series. e environments are gorgeous, immersive, and colossal. In a decade of gaming, there’s not a better title in the Sony or Microsoft’s back catalog.

TV Shows

The Watchmen

The Watchmen is the second-best TV show of the decade. It’s the show that has been a fantastic bookend to the one we leave behind. Racially charged and unashamed to go for the throat, Watchmen is a love letter to the controversial source material from which it gets its name.

About the Contributor
Photo of Diego Gutierrez
Diego Gutierrez, Sports Editor
Name: Diego Gutierrez

Grade: 12

Academy: Social Services

Year on Staff: 2nd

Title: Sports Editor

Why are you on staff? I joined the staff cause I needed something to do and I stayed because of the crew.

What do you do for fun? Lots of things, gaming to reading to photography to playing music or anything I fancy at the moment.

What movie do you recommend that everyone watch? I think everyone should see Jack Black's School of Rock and Bill Murray and Harold Ramis' Stripes.

Plans for after high school? Vibe

Instagram handle: @g_osa111
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