Anime Club provides home for fans of Manga, movies


David Doerr

Members of the Akins Anime Club show off copies of some of their favorite Manga comic books during an after school meeting. The club meets in RM 239 on Tuesdays and in the library on Thursdays.

Anime fans always seem to have a way of finding each other—and when they do, they often form clubs.

That was the case when junior CJ Smith worked to find a faculty sponsor who would host a group of students who were interested in anime and manga comics. Smith, a lover of all things Marvel and anime, spoke to several teachers while he was searching for someone who would agree to open up their room for after school viewings of anime movies and shows.

After locating their first sponsor, the club started meeting weekly in February. They then expanded to meetings twice a week after Smith secured teachers Paola Lozano-Sanchez and Ethan McBride as Anime Club sponsors. Now the club meets every Tuesday in Lozano’s classroom (RM 239) and on Thursdays in the Library.

Smith said he is excited to have helped bring back a club that meant a lot to him when he was a freshman. Many student-led clubs disappeared during the virtual school experience after the pandemic hit in March 2020.

During meetings, members recommend their favorite movies and shows and sometimes play anime-related games.

Besides watching anime and sharing Manga, Smith said he hopes that the group of about 10 students might plan a trip to shops that cater to Anime and Manga fans.

Smith is already thinking about the future of the club and wants to find younger members who can serve as leaders to keep it going after he graduates next school year.

“I really don’t want this club to go down,” he said.

Maria Ramirez said the Anime Club has been a good experience because it allows them to share their opinions and reactions with other fans.

“I enjoy it. There’s a bunch of people who also like anime,” Ramirez said. “It’s where I get to talk about it with them. It’s not something that I can only keep to myself, but I can actually share it with others. That’s what I like about the Anime Club.”