Enrique’s Movie Picks (1990-2006)

Hello, I am Enrique, here are a few 5 movies that I am going to recommend, which I have seen. They are in no particular order, and the numbers don’t matter, it’s just to know which is going next. These movies you may or may not have seen, all are pre-2010:

Whisper of the Heart (1995)

Age Rating: G Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: A young girl notices that all the books she has been borrowing from the library, have all been previously checked out by the same boy. And then meets the boy who has been checking out the same books.

Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

Age Rating: PG-13 Genre: Dramedy, adventure

Summary: a trio of Homeless (a middle-aged Alcoholic, a Former Drag Queen, and a runaway teenager survive as a makeshift family in the streets of Tokyo. While rummaging through the trash looking for food on Christmas eve, they come across an abandoned baby with small hints of clues to the baby’s identity. These 3 decided to look through the streets of Tokyo to find the child’s parents and return the child to them

Falling Down (1993)

Age Rating: R Genre: Action, dark comedy, crime

Summary: a frustrated man dealing with unemployment and divorce, gets stuck in the middle of traffic and leaves his car to go to his daughter’s birthday. As he is crossing the city, his anger/bitterness becomes increasingly shown, resulting in violent encounters with people

Downfall: (2004)

Age Rating: R Genre: War, Historical drama, Historical fiction

Summary: real-life traudl junge. Narrates Hitler’s last day, as the whole movie is like a flashback. Things start with Traudl Junge becoming a secretary, then skips to 1945, where she experiences the last days during the Battle of Berlin. Where Hitler rants and rages, his mistress being sad with Hitler’s emotional distance as well as keeping spirits high. And Infamous fascist germans preparing to meet their end.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Age Rating: R Genre: Fantasy, war, Drama

Summary: it is 1944 Francoist Spain, where a group of soldiers is sent there to flush out a group of rebels, with them a sadistic captain as well as his wife and the child named Ofelia. There Ofelia witnesses his stepfather sadism and brutality and is drawn to pan’s labyrinth a magical world with magical (and weird) things.