Cobra Kai’s 5th season leaves viewers with questions


Cobra Kai is a follow-up of Karate Kid and what happened 30 years later after the events of the movie. Netflix’s Cobra Kai series shows how the characters from the beloved Karate Kid movie have changed since the movie, which came out about 30 years ago.

The show follows Jonny Lawrence’s life after getting fired from his job. He gets into a fight with a couple of kids and eventually agrees to train a student in his style of martial arts. He eventually opens up a new Cobra Kai dojo named after the group he trained with as a teenager.

Everything is going well with his dojo until his old sensei, John Kreese, returns and tricks Jonny into letting him teach the student. After Kreese takes Cobra Kai away from him, Lawrence goes back to his old rival, Daniel LaRusso, for help.

Season five is a beautiful, yet chaotic masterpiece. If you take your eyes off for just one minute, you’ll come back confused. If you’re bored and looking for something interesting to watch, I recommend Cobra Kai.
The show is known for having a mix of new and old characters, including old and new faces. Jonny and Daniel LaRusso are old rivals from Karate Kid, John Kreese Johny’s old sensei from Karate Kid, Chozen Toguchi from Karate Kid 2, Terry Silver from Karate Kid 3, Robby who is Jonny’s son, Miguel is like Jonny’s stepson and the main character, Sam LaRusso is Daniel’s daughter, and Camren is Miguel’s mother.

I enjoy the character development in Cobra Kai. When Johnny’s van gets towed away and he can’t afford to pay the bill to retrieve it, Robby enters a competition to win the money he needs. It shows that Robby is finally warming up to his dad and sees that he has changed.

The relationship between Sam and Miguel is very rocky and stupid because they get back together, then separate, and are now back together again. It feels very inconsistent and doesn’t make any sense. Are they going to stay together now? And if they are, what’s going to happen to Robby when he finds out Miguel and Robby are going to fight?

Camren, Miguel’s mom, is pregnant with Jonny’s kid. Jonny has been a father figure to Miguel, but it seems like he’s going to be his stepdad now. I thought this was dumb, but the good kind of dumb. It adds to the story because it forces Jonny to choose between his new and old family.

Speaking of dumb plot points, Kreese, who was in prison, faked his death and escaped. He did this by tricking the doctors and prison guards by using melted jello when he was stabbed and then escaped. There are so many questions, such as how did he trick everyone and escape after two weeks of being in prison? I know he’s supposed to be a war veteran like Rambo, but he’s in his late 60s. Where is he going to go after breaking out?

All in all Cobra Kai season 5 is a must-watch and if this is your first time hearing about Cobra Kai you should watch the show. Don’t worry about finishing it too fast because most of the episodes are up to 40 minutes to an hour long so you have some time you finish the show.