Akins kicks off the Fall with Blue and Gold festival

Akins teacher Catherine Ballard receives a pie to the face at the pie throwing booth run and organized by the Akins Choir.

Ricardo Villegas, Photo Editor

This year’s Blue and Gold Night was one to remember. With good food, good fun, and good friends there was something for everyone. People from all around came to support Akins and join in on the festivities.

The night was filled with performances of many talented groups and clubs, including the Akins Eagle Band, Diamond Dazzlers, Sparkling Sapphires, Step Team. It also featured the first performance of the new A Capella Team and the Perez Elementary cheer team.

All around the courtyard were sights of students having fun, kids getting their faces painted, students playing games, and families having a good time.
“Seeing everyone having fun and get excited about everything was my favorite part,” senior Jacklynn Maldonado said.

At the end of the night, votes were tallied up for the Kiss the Pig contest, revealing a tie between Principal Brandi Hosack and Assistant Principal Shawn Menna. They annonced an opportunity for a tie breaker in which students could give their tick-ets to vote for one of them. Many people swarmed to donate tickets to chose Menna as the winner.

“I had so much fun. This year’s Blue and Gold Night beat all others,” senior Sara Garcia said.