Skateboards banned on buses, causes debates about safety policy


Ulysses Luna

Junior Phillip Gines passes the time by skating next to the New Tech wing

Andy clay, Entertainment Editor

Junior Phillip Gines not only skates for fun but it’s one of his only modes of transportation. Since last year school administrators have banned students from bringing skateboards on school buses, preventing them from having access to a speedy means of transportation.

The past few years Akins has seen an increase of students with skateboards on campus. These skateboards have caused controversy on should they be allowed or not, what restrictions should be put in place, and where can students actually skate. Some people think they are a distraction others think they are just entertainment.

There is also the issue of having skateboards on the bus. Injury and other risks are also a factor with the skateboards including the skaters themselves and other bystanders getting hurt.

Students who skate don’t only do it for fun, but because it has become a part of their everyday life. Some skate because that is their only way of transportation others do it to pass time during lunch.

Skating for them helps relieve stress and allows them to be in their own world.

Skateboarders should have the right to do what they love on campus just like girls who bring makeup and nail polish and who show LGBTQ pride. Even some teachers enjoy the skateboarders.

“I always enjoy seeing the skateboard dance party,’’ geography teacher Greg Izor said.

Some administrators are not against it but put strict rules on where they can and cannot skate such as outside of the New Tech building but not in the courtyard.

New Tech Assistant Principal Susan Thames said she doesn’t mind the skateboarders unless they are skating in crowded areas like the courtyard or next to the cafeteria. She is also concerned with skateboarders hurting themselves or others.

“I don’t have a problem with it as long they stay in the designated area, keep it clean, and show respect to everyone,” Thames said. “I think they should get to do what they love at school along with all the other students.”

I myself believe that skateboards should be allowed. I think that they should have the privilege to skate on campus. It seems fair because everyone else has privileges to do what they would like on campus. I do agree that they should have restrictions on what they can and cannot do though. I enjoy seeing them skate and do tricks along with a number of people.

I also believe that they can be a distraction as well. For example during class or passing periods. It can also be dangerous for people who are just walking by because they could get hit by a skateboard. There is also the issue with the buses with students who want to skate but can only take the bus to get to school. In the end, however, I think that the bus drivers should allow students to have skateboards on the bus so they can do what they enjoy.