Proposals for gun control could be found to be an infringement of citizens’ Second Amendment rights

Andy Clay, Entertainment Editor

Gun control has become a very prominent issue in today’s news. Since guns have been available to the public, some citizens have wanted stronger laws or more control on the sale and possession of firearms because of recent mass shootings.

However, I think that many gun control measures are an unnecessary because it could contain numerous unwanted or unpredictable problems. Many of the proposals for gun control could be found to be an infringement of citizens’ Second Amendment rights. And ultimately, I do not think that gun control would actually be able to stop some of the mass shootings that have happened in recent years.
Banning certain assault rifles, high capacity magazines and bump stocks could help reduce the massive casualty counts we’ve seen in these shootings, but it won’t stop them.

I think that banning these items now would have the same result as it did the last time there was an assault rifle ban. In 1994 to 2004 there was a ban on AR-15s and high capacity magazines. An article bye Washington Post reported evidence that the ban had little effect in criminal activity although this may have been due to the ban’s various loopholes. e article said there were small increases specifically in the rate of mass shootings that began when the ban was lifted, but there has been no direct evidence between the ban and increases in mass shootings.

Though I am against most forms of gun control I do believe there is an appropriate level that could be enforced. I believe that limiting certain people on having rearms could help the problem. I also believe that increased and improved background checks could help prevent mass shootings. This would also require increased background checks and screenings for potential buyers of rearms.

I also believe there should be an age limit placed on purchasing a rearm as there is now. The age limits do vary from state to state. The current age limit enforced in Texas is 18 years old for a shotgun or rifle (longun),and 18 for any type of ammunition. It’s 21 for a handgun, which I think is a reasonable limit. I think the age limit is reasonable because if people can join the military at 18 and use these weapons they should be able to use them domestically.

If an extreme form of gun control was implemented there would be severe problems. Guns would still be bought illegally and it could create even more problems. For example, the prohibition on alcohol in the 1920s created gangsters such as Al Capone and the proliferation of organized crime. The same type of black market could develop for guns if restrictions make it too difficult to buy guns. Guns can also be built by obtaining pieces from different sources so gun control would be ineffective.

Unlike other gun rights supporters, I do not agree with proposals to arm teachers to combat mass shootings in schools.