Coach Saxe shares his hopes, goals for varsity team


Adamaris Olivares

Coach Joey Saxe talks to players after Homecoming win against the Austin High Maroons

Tyrson Graham, Sports Editor

The Eagle’s Eye interviewed new Head Football Coach Joey Saxe to ask him about his new role.

EE: What are your goals for your team this season?

JS: My goal is really for our team to come together as a family, learning to play for each other. Understanding the hardships that each one of us goes through so we have a better understanding of how we can better serve and be a better teammate, and then ultimately with that you know will come, winning some ballgames and getting Akins the recognition it deserves.

EE: What brought you to Akins?

JS: Oh, man long journey. You know after college sports, I really wanted to get into the coaching profession and Akins was just close in proximity so I applied here and was fortunate enough to get the passing game coordinator and wide receiver coach at the time, about 10 years ago. And ever since I stepped foot here, it’s just been a special place to me and something I was able to connect to with kids’ stories and their backgrounds and just knew I could make a difference compared to some of the other schools I had opportunities to go to.

EE: How long have you been coaching and what subject are you teaching if any?

JS: So I’ve been a coach for the past 14 years. And so, two years as the Graduate Assistant at Texas State University, and then a year at St Gerard Catholic in San Antonio, and then the past 11 years here at Akins High School. And in those roles I’ve served as the PALS teacher, I’ve taught PE and health, and now I serve as the head football coach and co- athletic coordinator.

EE: What is your coaching philosophy?

JS: My coaching philosophy is more transformational, rather than transactional, and so really using our position as coaches to transform the lives of young men, for the better. You know the winning game that transaction piece of it will happen, but it’s just for me it’s more making a difference in kids’ lives.

EE: What are some challenges that you have run into as being a coach?

JS: Well, being a coach, coaching 16 to 18-year-old kids and all of their daily struggles and problems that they have and, you know, I think coaching at a school that had the lower socio-economic status and are having our athletes having access to some of the top training and nutrition and stuff like that can pose a problem but you know the big problems are so little and compared to a lot of the other problems in this world.

EE: Is there anything you’d like to add?

JS: You know, I just feel truly blessed to serve this school and you know, try and make a difference in kid’s lives and put Akins on the map.