Online is the better option than in-class

Andrew Martinez, Life & Style Editor

For many teenagers, earning a driver’s license is a milestone of maturity as they begin establishing independence from their parents. Driving is empowering for students because it gives them control of where they can be at whatever time they’d like.

Similarly, online driver’s education classes give students more control over their learning experience compared to in-person classes. These liberties include the ability to work at one’s own pace, to schedule the class around one own’s plans, and to be able to learn in the comfort of your own home.

The most upfront and clear difference between online and in-class drivers ed is the person teaching. In-class has a group of students being taught by a teacher so there will be a set schedule in which a student would have to follow. This would hinder any ability to make plans, so students would have to plan around the class. On the other hand, online gives a student the option to learn whenever and wherever they are. As long as they are in possession of a phone, tablet, computer, or anything that can access the Internet, they can read/listen to the lessons and take the quizzes. With that, the student can spend an afternoon with their friends and do the lessons later that night.

Being in a class has a certain atmosphere that would create stress. There’s a teacher going at the pace they deem necessary, which may be either too fast or slow for people. This could also create a sort of competitive environment for students that might turn students off. In an online class, a student will most likely be in their room alone reading the material with the occasional visit from their parents to assist them. A student can, therefore, listen to their music and get into the zone as they finish their lessons. There would be no teacher to pressure you or students to judge you.

Online classes also enable parents to be involved in the learning process in a closer way than in-person classes. And because parents have years of driving experience they can help you understand some of the concepts and reasons behind the laws while also refreshing their memory on certain driving laws. Most students would
be very comfortable and trusting of their parents, which is a better learning source compared to an unknown teacher.

The bottom line is that online classes offer more flexibility and independence as it makes a teen start the growing up process in their lifetimes as getting a drivers license is a major step, making it a better experience than in-person classes. They don’t have to follow a set schedule or keep up with the class’s pace or learn from a stranger.

With online classes, students can set their own schedule, which allows them to accommodate a busy schedule. There’s no pressure from a classroom atmosphere to keep up with the program’s pace, allowing the students to take their time to properly learn the material. Finally, the students will learn on their own with the assistance of their parents. In all, online is the drivers’ ed to take if a person wishes to get a license but do not want to have a class to add to the stress.