Stranger Things 2 revives Netflix sensation

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Stranger Things 2 revives Netflix sensation

Bee Barto, Editor-in-Chief

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Fans of the Netflix sci-fi-horror-80s throwback series Stranger Things, are already geeking out for the chance to return to Hawkins, Indiana as the second season is set to premier at the end of October.

The series follows the adventures of a group of middle school friends and their family members who have happened upon some out-of-this world creatures and phenomenon, taking the audience for a wild ride of paranormal activity.

I’m one these fans who are excitedly waiting to reconnect with the characters and aesthetic of the series.

Since the end of the first season of Stranger Things my heart has been aching and screaming for my sweet Eleven, who appeared to be locked away in the Upside Down. She is my favorite character and ever since she disappeared in the last episode, I have been so worried about what is happening to her. I was relieved to see her make an appearance in the trailer for the second season.

The first season was primarily about Will getting stuck in the Upside Down and his friend’s attempt to rescue him from the evil Demogorgon. So, for the most part we only got to see Will a couple times throughout the season. Now that he has been reunited with all his friends, we get to see more of his personality, and how his experiences from the Upside Down have affected him.

The Strangers Things soundtrack has won awards for its main theme and sound design. I personally, listen to the soundtrack very often. It’s composed so well and just adds so much to the show. While fitting so well with the beautiful style of the 80’s aesthetic. With a whole other season coming out we are bound to get more brand new tracks from the Austin duo behind the soundtrack Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. I am ready to have a whole new set of jams.

Maybe my favorite thing about what we’ve seen from the trailer is the timing of when this season takes place. I am so down for all of the Halloween vibes, the voiceover of the trailer is from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and it’s just so good. There’s a shot where they’re wearing the Ghostbusters outfits and — oh my god — it’s so perfect. The season is timed to be released on Halloween.

Every shot of the entire first season is just so beautiful. The retro 80’s look is so pretty, and the people who make the show do such a good job on the sets, the effects, and all the little thing  to help establish the time period of the show. So here we are coming into the second season and already, every single part of the trailer feels so perfect. If you haven’t seen the first season already, you still have time to treat yourself. Do yourself a favor and go watch it before Halloween.

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