Top Rated January Artists

We had a great start to the new 2022 year with two very influential artists dropping their very anticipated albums the first week of January: Gunna and the Weeknd.

There were many artists who released new music for their fans but these artists probably come out on top based on the impact they had and the hype built around their new albums. 



Gunna released the highly anticipated album on January 7, a follow-up to his DS3 from 2018. The 2022 released album “DS4Ever” had features such as future, Lil baby, Kodiak Black, 21 Savage, and other artists. The album had a collection of 20 songs total although the original album only had 19 tracks until Gunna released a featured track “P power” with Drake a few days later.

There was also a deluxe album released but it was pulled later on that same day. The album had a huge impact on social media with the phrase  “Pushing P” which can be explained as meaning “keeping it real.” There was a bombardment of capital P emojis all over comment sections and posts on social media even popular brands as well as artists and sports players were seen using the capital P in their captions.


The Weeknd released an album the same day as Gunna an album titled “DawnFM” which was very anticipated by his fans after being teased back in 2021 and announced on Jan. 3. DawnFM is a follow-up album to his “after hours” album that was released in 2020. DawnFM has tracks featuring artists like Tyler the Creator and Lil Wayne.

The artist’s album was said to have topped the charts in 10 countries as well as having two tracks make the charts on Billboard’s Top 200.

As of Feb. 1, Gunna’s “DS4EVER” is now in 3rd place on Apple Music’s “top albums” and The Weeknd’s “Dawn FM” is ranked 5th.