Theatre stages an updated version of classic Tartuffe

“Led by the nose! eh?” Orgon, played by junior Issac Buie, yells at Tartuffe, played by junior Roberto Guzman, after he finds out Tartuffe is hitting on his wife.

Every year in the spring, Akins Journey Theater does a spring show. This year the show was Tartuffe by Moliere, a comedy in the style of a French Farce, not to be confused with the French Fart.
The show is centered around a man named Tartuffe, played by junior Roberto Guzman, who is a con man tricking a man named Orgon, played junior by Issac Buie. Orgon’s whole family can tell that he is being conned, but Orgon refuses to believe them. The whole show involves the rest of the family trying to get Orgon to realize he’s being swindled. Orgon just refuses and even goes so far as to make his daughter Mariane, played by sophomore Abby Snider, marry Tartuffe and give him his house.
The show is finally resolved after Tartuffe tries to make the family leave their house and a cop shows up and arrests Tartuffe for being a con man.
The show was directed by Morgan Podigil, the musical theater teacher at Akins.
Sophomore Liam Pope, said that the expierence was “wonderful” and that the cast was the best they’ve worked with in years. Snider said the show reminded her how much she loved theater.