Wonderspaces provides extraordinary art experience

A light show that allows you to take cool and fun photos inside

Running out of date ideas? Don’t know where to go for inspiration?

Wonderspace is the perfect hangout area for all ages, whether you’re going out with friends family or lovers, Wonderspace holds interactive art and Instagram-worthy photoshoots, all in one place.

Wonderspaces, located in North Austin, provides an escape from the real world allowing you to experience extraordinary sensations, visual concepts and interactive experiences.

The foundation of Wonderspaces is built on the 14 art installations that fill the huge space that visitors can walk through and explore. It opened in July of 2020 during the first year of the pandemic, providing a much-needed destination for people wanting to get out of quarantine in a safe environment.

A few of the highlights include an exhibit with 8,000 hanging lights that visitors can walk through providing a moodily-lit space making for a fun cell phone photography session. There is also a new exhibit called the “Arc.” The Arc is a really fun place to take pop-colored and fun photos.

One of my favorite exhibits from Wonderspace was ‘’Transition.’’ The transition allows you to transfer from one world to another by using the VR headset and a built-in speaker. You are able to look around at this new world with glowing fishes and unspoken creatures on a boat ride to an unknown place.

My experience going to Wonderspace was really extraordinary. Not only was I able to interact with the art but I was able to see things through the eyes of the artists. If you want to escape from the real world or take some ‘’Instagram worthy’’ photos, stop by.