Young entrepreneurs start clothing line


Seniors Alberto Suarez and Sterling Perdomo check their social networking sites to help promote their recent clothing line. Their fashion inspiration are Louis Vutton, Diamond Supply Company, Givenchy, and Comme Des Garcons.

Savannah Garza, Editor-in-Chief

Everybody has a dream, and that is why seniors Alberto Suarez and Sterling Perdomo named their clothing line “DREAMS.”

Suarez and Perdomo started their clothing line in the summer of 2012 and their shirts have become a trend among  high school students.

“We have two collections and together we have sold about 90 shirts so far,” Suarez said. “I’m really proud of how our clothing line has done so far. I never thought that I could make this happen.”

“I’ve seen kids from Austin and Crockett with our shirts,” Perdomo said. “It feels awesome.”

Junior Heitzel Alvarenga was one of the first “DREAMS” fan to purchase one of their shirts.

“I thought the design was pretty dope,” Alvarenga said. “The whole concept is pretty cool how they’re trying to do their own thing.”

“DREAMS” has two shirts for sale right now; their signature one has the title of the clothing line and behind it has a NASA-inspired pattern. This notorious design came from their graphic designer, Crockett student, Jonathan Diaz. Rapper ASAP Rocky inspired the other shirt, the shirt displays a women’s mouth with the American flag pattern on it and her bottom teeth are gold.

“Various types of music influences us,” Suarez said. “Rappers like Danny Brown and many Detroit rappers. Designers like Nicky Diamond from Diamond Supply influence us too.”

A clothing line is something Suarez and Perdomo have thought about doing for a while.

“We always look at shirts and think what if we did this to it,” Perdomo said.

“I just wanted to do something people will be proud of wearing.” Suarez said. “I was sitting down at my desk and listening to music, and something just came up in my head so I went to Jonathan about what I was thinking and then I told him about the idea. He was feeling it, we made it happen and it turned out to be a success.”

According to Suarez and Perdomo, the process of trying to have a successful clothing line requires hard work. Over the summer they all had summer jobs so they could pay for the expenses of having the shirts made.

“Money is the hardest thing to get, we are still in high school and still only 17 years old. I think people forget that. We actually have to work hard really hard and people do not really see that,” Suarez said. “We all had summer jobs like working at Bill Millers, cleaning houses, and being soccer refs.”

Suarez plans to go to Houston Baptist University or Southwestern University.

“I am going for soccer. I am thinking about maybe graphic design or maybe even fashion design,” Suarez said. “My mother is giving me lessons on how to use a sewing machine. Right now, other than graphic tees I want to make button-up shirts.”

Perdomo plans to go to the University of Arkansas or St. Edwards University.

“I want to do graphic designing and business management, we are both trying to look towards the things we want to do in our future,” Perdomo said.

Alvarenga hopes the clothing line continues after Suarez and Perdomo graduate this year.

“So far a lot of people have bought their shirts, I believe that they should keep going on with what they are doing,” Alvarenga said. “They just want to be someone in life, they want to get far, they do not want a nine to five job, they want to actually be someone and be known. Honestly, I think that is what their real dream is and they can achieve it.”