Akins student self publishes first novel

Junior Emily Moreno writes, learns how to distribute Don’t Forget Me on Amazon


Jonathan Wilson

Don’t forget to read Emily’s new book, Don’t Forget Me, available on Amazon.

On July 17th, 2022, junior Emily Moreno published a novel on Amazon. The Eagle’s Eye decided to interview her to get to know her thoughts about the writing experience and hopefully answer questions people had about the book.

EE: Can you tell us about yourself?

EM: Hi, I’m Emily. I’m 17. And I wrote a book. And I read, probably more than I should

EE: What is the purpose of the playlist at the beginning of the book?

EM: ​​So the purpose is kind of like, I love music, and I love when I can connect music to something that I love. So I just kind of decided, like, while I was writing that, oh, this song would be really good for this part of the book. So I just kind of made a playlist out of it out of artists I like,I know other people like and just random songs in between that, like, fit the book.

Emily Moreno poses with her newly published book. (Mia )

EE: How did you come up with the cover art?

EM: I read a lot of books, and a lot of the books I like to read have illustrated covers, and I love illustrated covers, because it gives me an idea of how the character looks like, and how I should imagine the character. And in my book, I really wanted to have that as well. So when I contacted my cover designer, my cover designer, Brenna Jones, she’s amazing. And she was like, Yeah, let’s do it. And the next day, she had a draft for me of the cover. So I am very thankful for to her for doing that for me. And yeah, It just kind of was an inspiration from books I’ve read in the past.

EE: Who gave you the inspiration to write this book?

EM: Honestly, I don’t have like a direct answer for that. Because one day, I was just like, this would be a really good idea for a book, I just kind of thought of, you know, idea what the plot would be like, and it just kind of happened.

EE: Who helped you with writing the book?

EM: My friends, they really supported me and my parents, they supported me after they found out that I wrote the book. But my friends really supported me. They gave me feedback, especially my friends who also like to read, I would send them you know, little parts of the book, and they would give me feedback being like, this is a way too cringy take it out, or like, this is really good, expand on it.

EE: How long did it take you to write the book?

It took me seven months to write and then three months to edit.

Emily reads her book in the Akins courtyard.

EE: What was your biggest challenge while writing?

EM:The worst part was probably just, I think it was that like imposter syndrome. You know, like, why am like, I would always be like, Why the hell am I writing a book? Like, why am I writing a book, I am a high schooler. I don’t even have a job. I read books all day. You know, what kind of qualifications do I have to write a book, but then I was like, You know what? I’m just gonna write it. So that was probably the hardest part is like getting over that, you know, but then when I got over it, I eventually, you know, just enjoyed.

EE: Is there anything that you want to add?

EM: Just know that, like, if you are ever thinking about writing something, or even like, not even in writing, just like, doing anything that you love, just do it. Just do it. Because do it for yourself. Don’t do it for other people. Just do it. Because if you’re gonna do it, then and if, especially if it makes you happy, if it makes you happy, then do it. Because in the end, you’re going to be so proud of yourself that you did that. And it’s just going to be one of those things where you can look back and think, oh, yeah, I did that. And it’s gonna make you really happy.

Moreno’s book is available for sale on Amazon. Click this link for more info.