Social media moves to classrooms


Savannah Garza

Social studies teacher Teresa Grumbles updates Edmodo to remind students of an upcoming assignment. Grumbles has used Edmodo for test reminders and homework reminders.

The use of Edmodo in and out of the school classrooms is being met with mixed reactions among students and teachers.

More and more teachers are making students sign up so they can continue classroom discussions online, give reminders about completing work, and even assign homework assignments.

Some students are required to get an account for their classes.Others are using it for clubs, and to make sure they keep up with the posts teachers and or coaches make.

Edmodo is also available on the app store, which allows students to access it on their phones.

Cheerleading coach, Susie Gielow, uses it to keep the cheerleaders organized.

“One good thing about it is that it gives me an opportunity to relay messages to my group without having to use personal cell phone numbers,” she said.

Not all students are excited about using Edmodo. Some think it is not helpful.

“I often forget to check Edmodo, so if I miss something like a reminder or assignment, the next day in class I feel lost,”junior Kimberly SanJuan said.

However, Gielow said that Edmodo works with the online usage habits of students.

“It’s a very rare student that doesn’t get online everyday and check something. With everyone being on Instagram, SnapChat or Facebook,” Gielow said.

Students and teachers are starting to trust on technology and online resources across the education generation.

“I like that teachers post on Edmodo,it helps me stay on track with all my assignments,” junior Esmie Castillo said.

“I know when stuff is due, and I like that there is interactive things teachers post on Edmodo, such as watching videos and answering questions, instead of teachers giving us papers that I have a chance of losing,” Castillo said.

Edmodo offers teacher accounts, student accounts and even parent accounts.

Starting Edmodo is easy and having more teachers sign up could make more classes and orginazations much more organized.

Algebra 1 and 2 teacher, Kenyatta Williams, supports Edmodo and encorages students to get it.

“It helps me communicate with students and assign flipped work assignments before or even after school hours,” Williams said.

There are a few students without Internet access at home, and never know what’s happening on Edmodo.

Williams said those students aren’t left out.

“Log in on a computer to Edmodo and go to Settings and activate your phone so every time a teacher or club sponsor makes a post, you’ll be sure to get a text message notifying you.”