Students respond to survey about new FIT schedule

After campus administrators implemented an alternating schedule for Flexible Instruction Time at Akins, students have expressed strong opinions about how the new system is working out.

Instead of choosing which teachers they see during their FIT time, students are now told they must go to each one of their regular classes once every two weeks, following a strict alternating schedule.

The following charts show the results of an online survey conducted by The Eagle’s Eye showing student opinions about the new FIT system.

I think if we (students) could choose what classes it would be better, either way we are responsible for ourselves and we know our weak spots so we go to that certain class to better our grades and if students have their work done we can go to any one



Require all teachers to open fit sessions to all their students everyday. If they are gone and the substitute cannot cover the FIT period, a notification should be sent to all students who signed up for that teacher’s FIT that day.
By making it less restrictive and allowing it to be flexible again rather than having it be chosen for us. Fit is supposed to be helpful for students to get extra help for whatever class they need, and now it’s almost impossible for us to go to a different class. Let it be flexible again.