Akins students mourn, share memories of Alex Garcia

On March 25, tragedy struck as former Class of 2021 Akins student Alex Jeovany Garcia Reyes lost his life in a tragic accident. Born on April 26, 2003, Alex Garcia, left this world too quickly at the age of 18. Alex Garcia was known as a positive and good-natured person whose presence made the day of many students on campus and built many deep-rooted relationships with many of the Akins community. Alex enjoyed his time playing football and spending time with his friends, and deeply loved his family. His passing left the community in shock and in disarray but many were able to remember their precious memories of Alex. Organized by Timothy Deleon, the GoFundMe page for Alex Garcia’s funeral services raised a total of $14,289. The Akins Eagles Eye asked those who knew Alex who he was to them and the memories they shared.

How long have you known Alex?

Ariona Machado: I’ve personally known Alex since the beginning of middle school in 6th grade. He was in orchestra and I was in band and I’d always see him in the hallways. Alex soon became a best friend of mine especially because we had classes together throughout the years. I’d say that I’ve known Alex for over or around 7 years.

Josue Rubio: I’ve known Alex since freshman year so I suppose about 3 to 4 years.

What is your relation to him?

AM: My relation to Alex is that he was just one of my best friends. He was a shoulder to cry on, and someone I truly loved having in my life.

JR: We were just casual friends, we never really hung out much outside of school. However, we usually had fun together during school.

What kind of person is he?

AM: Alex is one of those friends that you’d have in your life long term. He’d never fail to forget to check up on me, make me laugh when I was down, give advice, or pass up an opportunity to have a good time. Alex was always laughing, smiling or joking around, and putting those around him ahead of himself. He always made sure to lighten the mood and just have such loving compassion towards others. Alex was respectful, and a gentleman. He also was a family man and a person of God, always trying to spread the word to me and my friends.

JR: Alex was a great guy, he was definitely a jokester: to make boring things seem comical or to turn sad things a bit more upbeat. From what I could tell, he was not really the studious type but he had a passion for playing instruments and it was awesome to see. Also, he was a trooper, Alex did not have the easiest life by any means, his family had lost his older brother when Alex was younger, and yet, he kept a smile on his face.

What was the most memorable moment you had with him?

AM: The most memorable moment I’ve ever had with Alex would be the night my mom passed away, the summer before my junior year. Alex has recently lost his brother the year or so prior and he was the first person I called that night. I remember crying to Alex and him crying right back with me on the phone as we talked for hours on end. He had attempted to comfort and reassure me just as he had remembered the pain of his brother that had recently passed. I’d say that that night, it was established that we’d be best friends for life.

JR: I think the most memorable moments with him were in my Junior year engineering class. Alex, I, and two other guys would always sit with each other in the back of the class. On this day, for some reason, we all decided to wear our hoodies over our heads while we worked. Not to the point that we couldn’t see but one-by-one, we put our hoodies on, and soon, all four of us were doing it. It was like we were in our own little hoodie club. I don’t even remember if we actually managed to get work done but we all had fun and laughed a lot together.

If you had one last conversation with him, what would you say to him?

AM: If I had the chance to have one last conversation with him, I would definitely tell him how much love I had for him. I would comfort or ask him about what was going on in his current life since he had recently moved at the end of our junior year. Though we didn’t have as much contact as easily since our schedules were completely different, we never failed to check up on each other every few weeks or months. I’d definitely let him know that he was always doing more than enough, even if he didn’t feel like it. I would also probably speak of current accomplishments and graduation in which he’ll sadly not be able to attend. Alex was a dear friend in which I loved, so once again, I’d definitely just let him know how much of an impact he’s made on not only my life but the people with which he surrounded himself with.

JR: If I could talk to him again, I would probably try to catch up with him. Since the pandemic started, Alex had moved to a new school. And so, even though we are all doing zoom, we just didn’t talk to each other much since we never saw each other. But anyway, I would definitely check up on him: ask him how he’s been, how’s the new school, what are thinking of doing after you graduate from high school, and if he needs help with anything. Lastly, I would thank him for the great memories we had together. This actually really helped me to realize the importance of cherishing the time you have with others because you never know when you may not be able to anymore.