The Eagle's Eye

Thomas Cross
Grade: 11
Academy: New Tech
Year on Staff: 1
Title: Online Editor
Why they are on staff?: I was asked to join, but I guess the main reason I said yes was to help improve my writing skills. However, I'm also working on making the website look better, and if you ask me, it's looking pretty good.
What do you do for fun? I play computer games, read, and write.
Plans for after high school? I guess as far as end goal, career wise is concerned, I really want to get a job with EA and help design some of their video games. However, right out of high school, I have two plans. I might go to college. Or I could spend 10,000 hours over the next four years mastering League of Legends so I can go become a professional LCS player. I'm still not sure which one I'm leaning towards.
Twitter handle: I don't have a twitter, but, if you want to add me on League, and you totally should, my summoner name is futuristicdance.
Hidden Talent: I don't mean to brag, but, I'm pretty much a god support on League of Legends. Just saying.

Thomas Cross, Online Editor

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Thomas Cross