In IT, creepy clowns are back to scare

Pennywise character has new backstory, more violent ways

Eli Calderon, Staff Writer

No one knows exactly when clowns were first portrayed as evil. However, the 1990 miniseries IT seems to have cemented the image of the creepy clown into the minds of many.

It’s strange how painted faces, floppy shoes, and over- sized-bright clothing can strike fear in the hearts of people. Even psychologists Francis McAndrew and Sara S. Koehke have found that clowns were ranked to be the creepiest occupation, according to their survey results published in 2016.

And now with a new major motion picture release version of IT, the fear of clowns is likely to only intensify this year as the killer clown character is revived to scare audiences, again.

The movie is a huge hit with more than $200 million since the movie came out. The movie will most likely will be Stephen King’s biggest movie yet.

Comparisons to the original series are inevitable considering its status as a horror classic. One major difference is that the new film has an R rating while the original miniseries aired on network television, which meant it couldn’t be as violent and gory as an R-rated movie.

The original IT series had its share of cheesy moments and even more humor. But back then when the movie was created it was thought to be very terrifying. Keep in mind the idea of horror was at a different level than today.

In this day and age the movie is looked at to be more funny than scary in my opinion. Still the original Pennywise character has afflicted generations with nightmares.The movie will forever be a classic, and the new one has the potential to be one, as well.

The new IT movie is a whole different story. there is still some amazing comedy in there, but the scare factor is amped up with the whole mood of the movie being different from the miniseries. is new adaptation is darker and creepier.

The new Pennywise has a whole different backstory. His look is more frightening with his creepy smile and twisted eyes.

They took his design to a whole new level, the creepy factor is definitely upped.

Bill Skarsgård, who plays the new Pennywise, is a dancing clown, who acts very happy while doing horrible things. The new Pennywise doesn’t try to be subtle with his violence. The makeup on Bill Skarsgård take on Pennywise has really improved on Tim Curry’s Pennywise.

Now if we’re trying to see which is better that’s a hard topic because both the movie and series had its ups and downs. Both the clowns were terrifying and they both had some great comedy. But over all the new IT is getting all the praise and I understand why. Courtesy of Warner Bros.

The clown is amazing, the actors are just great and it’s overall good movie.

People will argue that it doesn’t beat the original, but it doesn’t matter. They are both great in their own way and provide good scares during the Halloween season. Watch out for the red balloons.