Latest edition of Fallout is a total let down


Ash Catalan

Fallout 76, the highly anticipated new edition of the popular Bethesda game franchise, is a huge disappointment for its fans.

Josh Guerrero, Staff Writer

Fallout 76, the highly anticipated new edition of the popular Bethesda game franchise, is a huge disappointment for its fans.

The game was a major departure in style considering that every other Fallout game has been single player. This has intrigued many fans of the Fallout universe who have wanted to play the game with their friends for years. Unfortunately, this is not what fans got when they loaded into Fallout 76 for the first time. Instead, they were met with a very buggy, rushed, empty, broken, shell of a game.


I score the gameplay a 4 out of 10 because you can barely play the game without encountering a bug or glitch that can be so severe that the game is unplayable, preventing players from making progress or continuing on with the story. Players also often experience lag as the game constantly performs at low frame rates. And worst of all is the frequent disconnections from the server. Sometimes the game simply won’t allow you to join other players which is infuriating considering this is supposed to be the main selling point for the game. It was also stated at E3 2018 that the game is playable alone but this is hard sometimes because you will encounter certain enemies or areas that are near impossible to go through and continue with the “story” without having help with other players. e enemies sometimes don’t even move and or work properly, getting stuck in a wall and not moving at all.


I score the plot of this game a 2 out of 10 because there is no plot to the game. Since it was marketed as a multiplayer game with a make-your-own-adventure style. Bethesda wanted players to go and explore this land with friends and find things to do, but there isn’t much to do at all except a small storyline during the main quests. There are a bunch of small simple side quests that are not very interesting or fun especially for the primary story. e main quest in this game can’t even be described as a storyline because it just takes players around the map looking for someone. Halfway through I was left thinking, “Why am I doing this again?” or “What am I even doing here.”

There really is no end goal, meaning players can play until whatever level you could want to but you would be doing the same thing as you when you first started the game. Mostly that means just killing enemies and doing plain simple quests. Overall, it’s just not an interesting or fun story at all.


I score the graphics for this game a 7 out of 10 because they are really not bad. Fallout 76 uses the same engine that Fallout 4 uses meaning that they look exactly the same. This is good and bad because Fallout 4 came out three years ago and looked great but with graphics in video games improving every year, it’s somewhat sloppy on Bethesda’s part. It feels like Bethesda just copied and pasted Fallout 4 into Fallout 76. It’s still decent, but it but it just feels sloppy.

When considering the game’s lasting appeal I would give a 4 out of 10 because although you can basically go around kill- ing all you want, whenever you want but that gets boring after you complete the little storyline and side quests. Unlike previous Fallout games being a truly amazing open world that you can spend hundreds of hours in talking to characters, finding places, killing crazy creatures doing, fun quests Fallout 76 just doesn’t live up to its predecessor.

Final Verdict

For my final verdict of Fallout 76 I give this game a 4 out of 10, which I think is very generous. Fallout 76 is a rushed, non-polished, buggy, mistake, bland, broken, failed experiment of a game which is just sad to say. I’ve been a fan of Fallout for years and love their games that they have put out but this game just doesn’t live anywhere near the other games. It is a sloppy job by Bethesda that they need to do something about. Fall- out 76 isn’t completely awful but for a $60 game being released by a massive and very highly praised company like Bethesda is sad because I think with more work and effort they could have made a game that fans would have loved and enjoyed.