Student band‘s demo garners following quickly

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Student band‘s demo garners following quickly

Issac Villafranca, Staff Writer

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Student band Muros fell into place because of three friends’ shared passion for music.

Muros is a band comprised of four members: a guitarist, bass player, drummer, and a producer. Sophomore and guitarist Matthew Reyna said Muros mostly plays alternative rock, but they have fun with what they play so it sometimes doesn’t fall into a traditional genre.

“Whatever we are feeling at the moment we play,” Reyna said.

Sophomore Jacob Hernandez started Muros. He is the producer and plays rhythm guitar. Hernandez said that he is very invested in making his band succeed and hopes to start a small fan base.

“We want to help people,” said Hernandez. “There is always a good cause to music.”

Reyna and Hernandez have been friends since middle school and one day decided to start a band.
Reyna said that he hopes to see their band grow as a whole and become more known.

“I want to see growth within us and growth within our community,” Reyna said.

Junior Eli Gutierrez, who previously worked as a solo artist, is the drummer for the band.

Hernandez asked him to him to join the band because he knew Gutierrez was a good drummer and had previous knowledge of making beats, making him a positive addition to the band.

Gutierrez said that he hopes for the band to grow a bigger fan base.

“I hope we blow up and spread good messages and good vibes to people and change up the music scene,” Gutierrez said.

Muros shares their music on Soundcloud.

The band released their first demo last school year, and they surpassed their goal in plays and likes.

“It has 6,000 plays, and has 114 likes, Hernandez said. “I was not really expecting that.”

Although Muros has had success in their demo, they’ve had obstacles. Gutierrez said that the band has had trouble working together and finding a sound that all the members agree with putting in their next song.

“The hardest challenge is agreeing with each other and not fighting over music,” Reyna said.

Muros begins writing each song with Hernandez coming up with chords for every instrument. Then every band member contributes what they think and then they create a song they all enjoy.

“We play our instruments and hear something we like and then we go from there,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez said that the band puts hard work in order to gain a following. He said that even though
they work hard, they still enjoy what they do.

“We all like making music, so it is fun to work together,” Gutierrez said.

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