Modern Warfare 2 lives up to the hype

The hype around Modern Warfare 2 is insanely huge because the past few Call of Duty games have let the community down, making Modern Warfare its best-made recent releases despite its problems.

The game launched in October 2022 and has peaked at 488,897 players so far. It’s a sequel to the Modern Warfare (2019) reboot and is the fifth Modern Warfare game to be made in the series.

To fully appreciate the game, it’s necessary to break down the four major aspects of the game and that includes the campaign, multiplayer, co-op, and camos.


The game starts with Simon “Ghost” Riley tracking down an arms deal between Russia and Iran and then he calls in a cruise missile that was launched by shadow company’s CEO Philip “Graves.” Seven months later Iran is reasonably mad at the U.S. for the death of a General that was in the convoy that was blown up.

Ghost and Johnny “Soap” Mactavish, two of Task Force 141 members are tasked with leading two teams and their mission is simple: capture Iran’s 2nd in command and bring him in for interrogation. After the mission goes wrong Ghost and Soaps team decides to help the other team After their helicopter is shot down and after saving the only survivor then they clear the only building that the downed helicopter team could not get only to find out that Irans 2nd in command Hassan, was now gone leaving his uniform behind. After searching a nearby warehouse they find out that Iran is in possession of American missiles just like the ones used to bomb the Russian – Iranian arms deal in the previous mission.

After learning the shocking news General Shepard and Station chief Kate Laswell come to the conclusion that Iran got the missiles through the Amsterdam port so she decides to get help from the other half of Taskforce 141 by asking Captian John “price” and Sargeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick Who are tracking an AQ terrorist boat in Amsterdam. After clearing the area of enemies they find out that the cartel is working with Hassan, the AQ and that they have a meeting soon so they take one of Hassan’s men to the meeting and interrogate them to find out that Hassan is getting into America via the Mexican-American border.

General Shepard recruits two Mexican special forces soldiers to catch Hassan. After they confirm that Hassan is crossing the border he runs through a trailer park and after a long chase Rodolfo Parra, one of the members of the special forces, catches Hassan and attempts to kill him with a Molotov cocktail but Rodolfo’s partner Alejandro Varga saves him from the burning building.

After the soul-crushing defeat, Taskforce 141 and special forces are led to a cartel compound that is believed to contain Hassan so they clear the compound only to be ambushed by the corrupt Mexican Army. They escape down a cliff and down a river to a bridge covered in corrupt Mexican army soldiers that they can’t take out so Graves who is working on air support completely destroys the bridge.

The team is led to another compound and Hassan is actually there so they capture him on their way to safety, they are ambushed by more cartels who want Hassan back. After clearing them all out through the perspective of one of many shadow companies’ soldiers that are in charge of manning the legendary AC-130’s cannons.

After the team interrogates Hassan he tells them about his operation in Spain but the team soon finds out that they cannot keep Hassan in custody due to political fallout. Price, Gaz, and surprisingly Laswell go out to Spain and try to find out what Hassan meant. After finding the warehouses that had to be his based on all the armed guards going in and out of the area. We search the building and find that Hassan has soldiers down by a lighthouse nearby so we search that and while we search it Laswell gets taken.

We find out that the AQ is moving a huge convoy through AL-Mazrah and Laswell is at the front in a small black SUV. After Gaz makes his way through the convoy jumping from car to car, the convoy stops and rescues Laswell.

The team follows up with the cartel lead and they are led to a mansion that is rumored to have the cartel boss “El Sin Nombre” who turns out to be a former squad mate to Alejandro. They interrogate her to find out that the second out of three missiles is located on an oil rig so they storm the rig stealthily and can destroy the missile they redirect it to the rig once they all have cleared it of course.

After this win, they go back to the Mexican special forces base only to be betrayed by Shepard and Shadow company. Alejandro and his men are taken into custody, and Rodolfo escapes to Alejandro’s safe house. Ghost and Soap are left wandering the streets of Los Almas. After meeting up they decide to storm the prison where Alejandro and his men are imprisoned. While leaving, Price and Gaz show up to help them escape. Later they can be seen forming a new team called the “ghost team” and they decide to kill Graves by infiltrating the base, finding him, and killing him.

Through the eyes of shadow company personnel, we find out that the American missiles that Iran has were taken from an off-the-books shipment that Graves and Shepard led.

The team Interrogates El Sin Nombre one last time and reveals that the last missile is in Chicago. The team clears the building of terrorists and finds Hassan and the box he carries containing the controls to the missile. After Soap takes the controls he is left in a component-rich construction site and makes a blade of glass to take out Hassan’s remaining guards. Hassan blows out a window to throw out Soap but Ghost who was in a separate building snipes Hassan saving Soap.

The ending cutscene shows Taskforce 141 in a bar drinking until they receive a text stating their next target is Makarov. A Russian terrorist and the main antagonist in the original modern warfare games. After a secret cutscene, we are shown a terrorist is in a plane and he constructs a Glock out of 3D printed parts after getting a text saying “no Russian” an infamous quote Makarov made before shooting up an airport full of civilians.


At the time of writing this Modern Warfare 2 has 11 maps in its map pool. The maps are Santa Sena Boarder Crossing, Zarqwa Hydroelectric, Al Bagra Fortress, El Asilo, Crown Raceway, Taraq, Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, Embassy, Breenbergh Hotel, Shoot house, and a map that was removed from the open beta for legal issues Valderas Museum resembles Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California. The game has 55 guns for players to choose from and the camo grind that everyone goes for is easy. To get a golden gun in Modern Warfare 2019 you had to do 50 camos and level up your gun. In “Modern Warfare 2” you have to do four challenges, then you have to do one last challenge for gold. Once you have a full gun class like assault rifles gold, you have to do platinum challenges for all of the guns. Once you get gold on all 55 guns you do platinum challenges for 55 guns and so on for the other two completionist challenges. And extra rewards like charms, calling cards, and emblems are earned by completing four extra challenges on each gun that require you to get 1,000 kills with each gun.

At the time of writing, this season one has been released and one character has returned from modern warfare 2019. A character that plagued the game to this day, Roze the former shadow company soldier now KorTac, another Private Military Company (PMC). Dressed in her Shadow company uniform that is naturally dark. I guess she is ready to resume her reign of terror in yet another modern warfare game.

Spec Ops

The Spec Ops game mode is a continuation of the campaign but the main difference is that you now play as one of the multiplayer characters including task force 141 members like Price, Ghost, Soap, Farah, And many more. Modern warfare had three Spec Ops missions at launch but now it has an extra two that were added in Season one.

These missions give you tasks like taking enemy objects and exfil with them, taking out enemy high-value targets, gathering enemy intel, and more. It is believed that players can expect to see more Spec Ops missions as more seasons are released because Call Of Duty will no longer be following their old practice of releasing a new game every year schedule and they will extend it an extra year.