Bittersweet finale closes out the year

Spring Show. Two little words that are in all Akins dancers minds all year.

It’s the final show of the year, and for some, it’s their final dance as a Diamond Dazzler. All the sleepless nights, early mornings, and long practices culminate in this show.

For most dancers, Spring Show was a success, and even if it wasn’t what they had hoped for, there’s always next year to improve. But for some, like seniors Haydee Rodriguez, Taryn Mojica, and Nathali Espino, this was it. Spring Show was their last performance as a Diamond Dazzler.

“They called all the Diamond seniors and that’s when I realized that was my last time doing curtain call,” Espino said.

The emotions came through in their performances as well. Strong solos from Mojica and Rodriguez complemented the group performances and brought the show together. The carefully crafted show garnered praise and compliments from all.

Over the year, the dancers made memories, forged new friendships, and found a second family. For the underclassmen, Spring Show was yet another memory made, and for the seniors, it was a bitterweet good bye. Their time as a Diamond Dazzler has come to an end. But, for all the dancers, the memories made at Spring Show will continue to shine bright.