Rock of Ages revives classic 80s rock & roll songs

As the musical comes to an end Lonny Barnett (sophomore Jonathan Macedo) announces to the crowd the end of the show. “Since I open up the show I was really nervous, but I came through it I did.”

Matthew Rocha, Photo Editor

Akins theater department’s production of Rock of Ages provided a rolicking good time for audiences in early December.

The main plot of the story revolves around a threatened music venue called Bourbon Room, a place where aspiring rock stars come and show o their skills. A motley crew of musicians, actresses and bar patrons rally around the threatened venue.

The production brought together students from various fine arts programs, including collaboration of theater, band, Diamond Dazzler, and choir that helped make this play become a reality.

“All the cast, Ms.Vallejo and Mr. Distelhorst helped us a lot and the Diamonds, choir, just everybody in the fine arts helps make this happen and the show went very well,” sophomore Jonathan Macedo said.

Every scene was rehearsed intensely to perfect the timing for the live musi- cal accompaniment that was provided by Akins students, alumni and math teacher Derek Hamm. It was a challenge because the dances and singing routines had to be queued by the band.

“The difficult thing was knowing when to play,” senior Julianne Tran said