Remembering Selena 23 years later

Sheyenne Riojas

Sheyenne Riojas, Staff Writer

23 years ago was the day we lost a beautiful, talented artist. Selena Quintanilla is known as one of the biggest female artists in history. She was born in a small town in Lake Jackson, Texas, and little did she know how big she would become. Selena was so humble and down to earth, not only her mannerism would just captivate you, but it was every single thing about her that drew us in. Her fanbase seems to be growing continuously especially this time around whenever the older trends seem to be coming back. Selena accomplished so much in unfortunately a little time, which is why she is also so important to us even now. I myself am inspired by her and her legacy that will continue beyond even my time. This video is going to make you absolutely fall in love then answer your questions as to who she is and why she is still remembered.