In the Know: News Briefs for October

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In the Know: News Briefs for October

Mylo Bissell

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New College and Career Adviser

The College and career center sees a new face this year as Marcia Baneegas joins staff as the adviser for the next two years. Banegas works for Advise TX with the division of diversity and community engagement. Banegas will be Akins’ college and career adviser for the next two years, aiding current juniors and seniors in their journey these next two years. A permanent counselor will be hired for the CCC at some point this year.

PSAT day options for seniors

Seniors have several options for activities on Oct. 16, when the freshman, sophomores, and juniors are taking the PSAT. All seniors are required to take the FitnessGram, and seniors can arrive in the gym on the morning of the PSAT in order to take the test. This activity can be combined with another. Students can sign up to take the TSI, get FAFSA, TAFSA or college help from Marcia Banegas, make a college visit, take the ASVAB or participate in a study hall.

2021 Class ring info session

On Oct. 4, Herff Jones will be coming to talk to juniors about their chance to buy a class ring. The down payment for the rings is $80. The order date for the class rings is Oct. 21. Money can be given in cash, check, or card. They also have an online payment system that can be used. A free long sleeve shirt and free commemorative charm are given with the 2021 special.

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