Students take sides on battle between iPhone, Android

Elianne Candelario and Harley Cruz

Elianna Candelario
Staff Reporter
With five generations on the market, there’s no doubt that the iPhone is the most popular and well-known smartphone out there.

Everywhere you look someone has an iPhone, whether it is the three, the four, or the five, its an iPhone. There is a reason for this, the iPhone is the smartest of the smartphones.

You’ve got Siri, thousands of apps and the very advanced built in camera with eight megapixels.

One of the newest and most talked about features is the panoramic option on the iPhone five.

Sure Androids are useful as well but they’ve got no chance against the iPhone. As an iPhone owner I can assure anyone that Apple is the way to go.

With an iPhone you can plug in your phone and have instant access to iTunes where songs, albums and videos of your favorite artists are available.

Another great shortcut that the iPhone provides is the luxury of being able to tweet and post a status to Facebook from your Notification Center.

The iPhone lets you text freely with other iPhone users without worrying about using up your entire internet because an iMessage is free and unlimited between iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users.

The simplicity of the phone has to be the best feature. With only one button, it’s not too high tech and confusing.

The layout is simply rows and columns and every app is easily accessible because of this.

Let’s not forget about the huge variety of cases available for iPhone’s. Yes, Androids have great cases too, if you’re into the out of style tacky and bulky kind of cases.

If you’re staring at your sad little Android wishing you could talk to Siri, iMessage your best friend and send your mom the clearest photos, then turn that thing in for an iPhone.

Go iPhone or go home. #TeamiPhone.

Harley Cruz
Staff Reporter

Today all kinds of smartphone companies have been breaking through with new releases so often you’ll need to take a step back just to see which phone would be the best deal for you. Most commonly people are trying to decide whether they’d like Apple’s all new iPhone 5 or Samsung’s S3.

When viewing them side by side the Galaxy seems to be about twice the size of the mere iPhone 5, giving it the illusion and satisfaction for some to believe it may be easier and more comfortable to handle.  If you’re into watching various movies, shows, or playing games through your device like I am, the bigger screen will definitely be an advantage for you.

The Galaxy includes an 8MP camera, autofocus, and an LED Flash, along with the new feature “Best Photo” where it automatically picks out the best of eight continuous photos, making it quick and one step easier.

Androids are known as being more flexible when it comes to configuring, unlike the iOS device on the iPhone.

The power and battery life for S3 during talk-time is a win over the iPhone with 11 hours and 40 minutes on 3G, while the Apple phone only lasts eight hours. Having price options for your phone capacity is a plus, but I’d be willing to pay the full price for a phone with 64 GB. Being a person who likes to download lots of music and take a lot of photos, I wouldn’t want to be stuck with limited storage.

Other really cool things includes: Direct Call, when you feel like calling the person you’re messaging you simply lift the phone to your ear and it dials the number automatically. S Voice lets it respond directly to you, and S Beam lets you transfer pictures, music and videos by putting any two S3s back to back.

Keeping it fairly interesting, with a reasonable price of $100 with a contract. This is the best option for price, and options.