Prom court nominees campaign for king, queen titles

Jennifer Arriaga
Senior nominees anxiously wait as they count votes that will decide who will be King and Queen. All nominees have had each others back throughout the whole campaign.

Running to be Prom King or Prom Queen is like running a mini political campaign.

The vote happens at the prom event so it takes campaigning with posters and giveaways to win the popularity contest.

This year the graduating seniors who ran for Prom King and Queen went all out when it came to preparing, campaigning, and presenting. Senior Connor Archer was one of four candidates who ran for prom king.

“Overall the best part of campaigning was how all the people running for prom court supported each other,” he said “ ere was absolutely no drama with each other like there’s been seen in previous years; and I think that high- lights the class of 2019 and how caring we are for one another.”

Prom nominees Abram Gomez and Emily Sanchez received the most votes and were named the king and queen of the prom. Both were very excited to earn the honor.

“Winning Prom King was a really nice way to end my high school experience,” Gomez said. “I’m really thankful for everyone that voted for me and (I) appreciate all the support that I received.”