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Christian Hernandez

Christian Hernandez, Online Editor

Grade :
I have reached my SENIOR year

Academy :
New Tech

Year on staff :
1st year

Newspaper role :
I am an Online editor to make this website look even better than it did last year.

Why are you on staff?
I had a dream where Oprah Winfrey and Morgan Freeman had a baby and that baby ate me. I lived in that child's stomach for a few months with nothing to eat  but the breast milk he was being fed. I was then digested, such a bitter sweet that I was coming back out in the world but not the way I planned. As Oprah went t0 change the diaper I hopped out and ran straight to their bathroom. I took a shower using Oprah's shampoo, specially made of unicorn horns and dragon saliva. I then reached over for soap to wash my body but Morgan Freeman reached in and took it before I could get it. He then said, in his godly voice, "I will only give you my soap if you join the newspaper.".... so here I am.

What do you do for fun?
Well as for fun I like to make music, some I make serious and some I make due to $WVG. I have my normal rapper/lyricist/creative side and then I have my  gangster rap alias named C-D!Zzl3. He has a couple grammys, no big deal

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Christian Hernandez