The Eagle's Eye

Matthew Lopez
Grade :
This year I'm currently a SENIOR

Academy :
I am in the AHA Academy here at Akins. 

Year on staff :
This will actually be my second year.

Newspaper role :
My role this year is the "Online Editor".

Why on staff ?
I am on staff because I was listening to Nothing Was The Same (NWTS) and then it hit me... I need to do something with my life. And... so yeah... that's how it happened. And also because I enjoy being apart of this staff and all the "inside scoop" we have about the school that most students don't know.

What do you do for fun ?
Well.. as weird as it sounds.. I make videos on the internet and no.. not those type of videos. Sadly. But yeah. My videos can go from me just talking about whatever is on my mind to my friends and i embarrassing ourselves in public. I also have a gangster rap alias by the name of "M-$LΔB" with the hopes and dreams of touring the world and having #1 hits. ok just kidding. But yeah, if you want to check out some of my videos.. just search my name and hopefully it won't be a big waste of your time.

Plans after high school ?
After high school I plan on getting famous and turning up with 2-CHAINZ... and if that doesn't happen.. I plan on attending college and majoring in a field along the lines of Radio, Television, and Digital Communication. Something like that. 


Matthew Lopez , Online Editor

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"Everything that concerns you"
Matthew Lopez