Akins Blooms program sells Homecoming mums, reviving a tradition


Shay Darroux-Edwards

Kayla Hughes Akins Blooms students design mums for homecoming.

Shay Darroux-Edwards, Social Media Editor

Homecoming is here and so is the Texas tradition of wearing mums. In the last year many had missed the opportunity to show school spirit due to the pandemic.

Flora Design teacher Kayla Hughes said it felt right to use her class and the Akins Blooms program to help bring the spirit back by having her students create and sell mums. Hughes said it is also beneficial for her students to learn how to make and sell products for consumer use. She said she remembered how fun it was to make and exchange mums with her friends when she was in high school.

“I felt nostalgic about the Texas tradition and how I used to participate in making mums in high school and wanted to bring it back,” Hughes said.

The prices started at $45 for a basic mum and worked up to $75 with more customizations. Making some of he more complex mums could take more than 3 hours, depending on how many customization options the customer asked for.

Students were able to purchase mums that came with many flower options such as blue and gold. They could also add bells, trinkets, and extra ribbons. Akins Blooms didn’t stop there though sales also included garters, finger and wrist mums.

Students enjoyed showing off their mums at school before the football game. The sounds of tinkling bells attached to the mums filled the hallways throughout the day.