Fans of Euphoria left seeking answers after Season 2


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Since Season 2 of Euphoria ended on Feb. 27 fans are still talking about the beloved HBO teen drama.

Since Season 2 of Euphoria ended on Feb. 27 fans are still talking about the beloved HBO teen drama. Having won three Emmys for Outstanding Contemporary Make-up, Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics, and Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series, Euphoria manages to capture viewers young and old alike.

Writer and executive producer Sam Levison was inspired by the Israeli series by the same name. Levison creates a psychedelic story that follows the life of a drug addicted teen, love triangles and gender identity. While Levison has faced some backlash for his work behind the scenes, fans are mostly able to separate the work from the writer.

Cinematographer Marcell Rév is responsible for the dark aesthetic of season two. Shot entirely on a Kodak 35mm Ektachrome film, Rev is able to create a more nostalgic feeling. By manipulating the light and using a saturated color palette Rev brings out the aesthetic of — in a lack of better words — pure euphoria.


While there are many criticisms that the show is unrealistic with teenagers struggling with drug addictions, many teens can relate to the characters. Set in Southern California, Euphoria takes a deep dive into the life of students and their struggles with addictions, toxic relationships, and friendship.

Some of the criticism is related to drug use and how it’s over the top and dramatized. However, in some ways, it’s not too far off from the realities of an American public school. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, roughly 50% of teens have reported being exposed to or partaken in the use of drugs.

Euphoria is able to portray a realistic depiction of how addiction affects one’s life and the people around them. Actress Zendaya portrays the ups and downs of struggling to keep clean, winning her an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Some of the most iconic scenes from this past season have fans at the edge of their seats for the third season. From Rue’s struggle to stay clean to Cassie’s secret hook-ups with Nate, fans can resonate with the stories.

Most memorable are Cassie’s 4 a.m. routines and Maddy finally being confronted with the truth about Cassie and Nate. Ritualistically waking up at 4 a.m., Cassie does deep skincare and make-up to prepare to catch Nate’s attention. Though most girls don’t agree with taking away their mornings to impress a boy, it’s a good way to see how far Cassie’s mental health is deteriorating.

Her infatuation leads her to spend her time trying to influence Nate instead of taking time to work on herself after previous dramas. This leads to betraying her best friend and losing the friendship she once had with Maddy.

As fans wait for season three they hope to see how Rue manages to keep clean, what happened with Fezco’s arrest, as well as the future of Cassie and Maddy’s relationship.