Captain America Civil War drives heroes apart in new film

Ashley Sanchez, Life & Style Editor

“Captain America: Civil War” took war to another level when the storyline revealed that two beloved superheroes would be pitted against each other.

The movie opens with a mission gone wrong causing some to question  if the Avengers are out of control.When General Thaddeus (William Hurt), a representative of the government, suggests the Avengers should be run by the government, Iron Man agrees because of his guilt of how many lives The Avengers have taken. However, Captain America disagrees for the reason they can’t act when needed without the government’s approval.

Part of the fun of the film is seeing how the audience takes sides with either Iron Man or Captain America. It’s fun to root for one superhero to reign supreme, but the plot mostly revolves around how politics affects the friendships among the Avengers. The audience is left wondering if Iron Man and Captain America can ever repair their relationship and if the Avengers will ever be the same.

The film reintroduces old Marvel characters like the Black Panther, brings back Ant Man, and reveals the latest version of  Spider Man. Out of all of these characters the Black Panther is one of the most important because of his quickness, which helps Iron Man immensely in his battle against the other side. Black Panther and the Winter Soldier’s subplot competes for becoming one of the most important stories in the movie.

I rate the film an 8 out of 10 because for a film called a “Civil War” I would have liked to  have seen more action. There is one scene where the war really rages, but it is limited to only a few of the superheroes and not a battle of each team.  I feel that there should of been more, more about the actual Civil War. Don’t get me wrong the action was awesome but the story itself was confusing. It started out focusing on the Avengers but then after a lot of twists and turns. The whole attention goes to stopping Baran Zome (Daniel Bruhl) and the discovering the truth about how Iron Man’s parents died.

The movie is called “Captain America: Civil War,” not “Baran Zome: Started a War.” But overall this film is one of the best Marvel films I have seen. You have to see the movie for it to make sense. Just know this movie is worth the 2 hours and the $20 for popcorn and soda.