Newest Predator film supplies action, lacks story

Partial reboot of sci-fi action series receives mixed reviews from fans, critics

Nathan Martinez, Staff Writer

Despite the Predator is one of the most remade movie franchises in history, Hollywood has seen fit to do it all over again with a partial reset of the series.

In the past films, we learned that the predators hunted for sport and take trophies from the best species on that planet. We also found out that the trophies they took were used for gene splicing and combining to modify their DNA. The Predator lm released this year is about an Army Ranger named Quinn McKenna who survives a Predator encounter.

When he gets back, the government has him debriefed to see what he actually knows about the predator in order to silence him. They try to make him look crazy, putting him on a bus with other PTSD-riddled soldiers that have been discharged that are in a rehab group. After leaving the facility that debriefed him the alien that they captured escapes and tries to continue its original mission. All the other soldiers took this time to escape, but Quinn wants to get the gear back so he can expose the government. He then goes to his mail and discovers the bill hadn’t been paid so the high-tech gear is shipped to his family members. He knows they’re in danger and tries to save them.

After seeing this movie it’s clear to see that it pales in comparison to the originals or those from the 2000s remakes. e one thing that did stand out more than most of the other films is the humor. is movie has some dark humor scattered all around it with some great lines that you’ll remember.

Overall, I give the movie a 6 out of 10. It has good action and all but it’s the storyline that could have been better. Although the lm had some good action scenes, the movie lacked a solid plot. It was enjoyable as an action movie, but not much else.