Double Tap revives Zombieland fandom after 10 years

Anneliese Olivo, Entertainment Editor

Double Tap is Rule #2 from the character named Columbus who explains that you should always put two more bullets in a zombie to make sure it is really dead.

Zombie movies are kind of like zombies. They always seem to rise, again, even when fans don’t seem to be clamoring for them to come back. I won’t be wanting to put two more bullets in this movie.

Ten years after the original Zombieland was released, fans are treated with Double Tap. This movie involves the fight against newly evolved zombies and the journey of the main characters trying to survive while meeting some interesting people along the way.

The story begins at the White House where the group decided to take shelter. A couple of the characters venture out but only one returns, leaving Little Rock missing. The group decides to go out and find Little Rock.

Along the way to find Little Rock, the group discovered the new “T-800” zombie named after the Terminator movies. These zombies are more evolved and dangerous, making them harder to kill and worrying about the group about their safety and Little Rock. the movie cuts back and forth from showing the group in search of Little Rock and what adventures Little Rock is going through on her own.

I found this sort of plot format good and bad. I feel the sense of suspense around the dangers that Wichita, Columbus, and Tallahassee are facing is interrupted by the constant cutting between the two storylines.

What was interesting was to see how the new characters of the movie turned into T-800 zombies and how hard it was to kill them. But there was an aw with this plotline, the movie shows humans turning into zombies, and there is one specific character that shows signs of turning. However, the character shows up later in the movie alive and well, which was confusing for me and others. There is finally a reunion with the group but this wouldn’t be a good ending unless there was one more conflict to be faced.

The movie ends and the credits start rolling. Except for Columbus interrupts it and shows us a cashback of the very first day of the zombie apocalypse and how it all started. I loved this because now we have an insight into the very beginning.

Double Tap turned out to be a decent movie. There was a great amount of comedy mixed with action. Although there were some flaws and the lm was all over the place, it still had an easy to follow plot. I would recommend watching Zombieland: Double-Tap. If a zombie apocalypse were to ever happen study Columbus’s list of rules for survival and always remember to “double-tap.”