Second film in Divergent series pleases fans

Beware: Spoilers ahead!


Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Mark Vallejo, Entertainment Editor

With non-stop action and scenes that were perfectly brought to life for the big screen, the second installment in the Divergent series, Insurgent, is a very good adaptation from the book.

Tris Prior, the main protagonists, was traumatized by the events that happened in the first movie such as seeing her home get destroyed, watching both her parents being killed, and shooting and killing her friend Will, who was trying to shoot Tris while under a mind altering serum, leaving her to deal with daily nightmares, haunting her when she dreams but waking up to her boyfriend Four played by Theo James.

As Shailene Woodley reprises her role as Tris, one of her strongest scenes was definitely when she traveled to Candor, where they label themselves as “The Honest.” She was later injected with truth serum and had to admit to killing Will in front of Christina who was dating him. Tris had lied to her when she and Christina united. Just seeing the facial expressions, the crying noises she made of obvious pain, sadness, and regret resulted in an amazing scene.

Of course, the love between “FourTris,” the collaboration of Tris and Four’s names by the Divergent fans, had to be done for the fans’ satisfaction. I can say that James and Woodley once again brought their emotions and feelings with each other to the scenes where it gets hot and heavy.
Since I read the book before the movies were announced, the thing that disappointed throughout the whole movie, we know that Tris’s death, which happens in the final book of the series Allegiant, is coming closer and closer with each film’s release. It’s a constant thought when she’s on screen fighting for her life or even the intimate moments with Four.

As a person who loves reading, I hate comparisons when it comes to two different series. Ever since the release of the Divergent book in 2011, people have compared it to another popular teen series in a dystopian future: The Hunger Games. I myself always found it irritating when I read these comments online or when people told me “they’re the same thing.” I always believed they weren’t but when watching Insurgent, I couldn’t help but actually start believing the comments.
Insurgent lived up to the expectations of fans and the characters were once again brought to life, in this new installment in the popular series. I give Insurgent an 8.5/10.