Boles boys battle for a state title

Among the four Akins wrestlers who have made it to state,  one pair in particular stands out from the pack.

Cousins Austin and Alex Boles have both qualified for the state competition that will take place this weekend. They have trained and wrestled for years to prepare for this moment. In just a few days they will find out if all their hard work has paid off.

“To me wrestling isn’t just a sport it’s a lifestyle that I have come to both love and hate at the same time,” Austin said.

The Boles boys both attend two practices, one for wrestling at school and one for all athletes who qualified for state at a gym called 3F in Lakeway.

“Making state is a huge accomplishment on my part, a couple of years ago I never would’ve even thought I’d make it,” Alex said.

For the Boles boys, wrestling is a large commitment. It’s time consuming. There is  no time for friends, or fun and not a lot for family either. It’s strictly wrestling all the time.

“There’s a rule about commitment: either you’re in or you’re not,” Alex said. “There’s no life in-between.”

The boys are constantly working at their goal and do so without complaining.

“I know what’s worth and I am more than willing to put in all the  hard work, blood, sweat and tears because it’s what I want,” Austin said.

The boys are in two different weight classes and are both looking to take a state title home at the state wrestling competition.