Students volunteer during holiday season

Senior Adrianna Moreno assists a girl with directions at the The River City Youth Foundation Annual Merry Memories. “It’s good for students to volunteer, because it makes you a more humble,and appreciative person,” Moreno said. Kids approached Akins Key Club volunteers all morning long to ask for directions or goodie bags.

Marisol Gomez, Photo Editor

In recent weeks Akins students in various clubs, organizations and internships have been spending their free time voluteering in community service events, specifically the ones hosted by the Dove Springs Recreation Center.

Clubs such as Key Club and  school internships such as the  Correctional Student Internship and the 911 ECOM internship are beginning to interact more and more with the community and its residents.

They volunteered at different events such as the River City Youth Foundations’ 17th Annual Merry Memories, where donated toys and bikes were given out to under priveledged children, and the Dove Springs Community Thanksgiving Dinner, which this year specifically targeted the flood victims.

Senior Alyssa Ybarra, who has been a part of the ECOM internship for almost a year and a half, said that she likes the feeling knowing that she has helped people in her community.

“It’s such an honor to be a part of something that I know will help others within my community,” she said.

Ybarra is part of the Criminal Justice 911 ECOM Dispatching Intership at Akins. Both the 911 ECOM and the CSI internship students showed up at the Dove Springs Recreation Center to help serve people their Thanksgiving dinner and to clean up after it was over.

“The event helped to bring the community together for a  meal while also supplying a good dinner for the flood victims,” Ybarra said.

Key Club members also did their part by volunteering at the River City Youth Foundation’s Merry Memories.

“My favorite part from volunteering with Merry Memories was seeing all the kids enjoying themselves and seeing their smiles when we passed out goody bags,” senior Alexandria Ruiz said, “We are making an impact on the community through our volunteer work.”

Students who are already volunteering believe that more students should join in for the effort.

“With the increase of volunteer efforts at Akins, people now hae positive views on a school that was once not very noticed by AISD,” senior Alexander Ramirez said.